Our offer is addressed to people who do not have time or their skills are not sufficient at the particular moment to independently deliver the yacht from port A to port B. Also when you want to spend your holiday on alternative waters, and you do not have enough leave to move your yacht to your holiday destination.

If it is the wish of the owner of the vessel to take part in the cruise, she/he may improve her/his skills.

We offer services in sailing organization in a safe way, with full attention to entrusted yacht or motor boat.

We provide the owner with a preview of the route the vessel is sailing, using trackGPS. In real time, you can track where your yacht is, at what speed it is moving and in which direction.

Our principle is to prepare an offer in such a way that it contains door-to door price based on Just in Time rule. Each offer is created for an individual customer, taking into account his individual preferences and needs, based on the specifics of sailing in a given region of the world and the waters on which we will sail.

We also specialize in logistic intermodal solutions in land and sea transport of vessels. This means that we arrange road and sea transport of yachts, for example in transit through the Atlantic. We secure and organize all activities – from the preparation of the unit through loading it on the vehicle, unloading, loading on the ocean vessel, unloading and preparing the yacht for navigation. We also prepare full documentation and arrange customs clearance.

As part of the economic and statutory activity of Tomek Opoka “See the Sea” Foundation, we issue VAT invoices. Money earned this way supports the statutory activity of our foundation.